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I love Your blog * - *

awww…you are very kind…*blushing endlessly*



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nicknames: people call me Diz, Dizzy, Liz or Lizzie…

birthday: 12.09.

gender: female

height: 5’4

time zone: Ermm…Europe? 

average hours of sleep at night: I wish it was always 6-7 hours…that’s when I’m the most productive the next day! if it is less or more I’m just sleepy all day long and well yeah…not happy :D

otps: ok…I still don’t know what this means…*

the last thing i googled was: agent Leslie Siebert…just watched the THR roundtable with agents…really interesting to see what the people behind the scenes actually have to say! (x

first word that comes to mind: edgy…because that is the word Meryl Streep once said was her least favorite…and coconut-milk was her favorite ;)

what i last said to my family member(s): speak to you soon, bye :D

one place that makes me happy + why: My grans farm…so many childhood memories and now that I have made my way into the big city, I can appreciate the simple things so much more, you know what I mean? Life without phones and internet…it’s a bliss :) 

how many blankets i sleep under: last night I actually slept under two…first time after the summer *sigh* 

favourite beverage: Jack Daniels and coke ;) 

the last movie i watched in the cinema: oh, oh, oh I remember…Transformers 4…two hours of my life I will never get back…dear lord…*shakes head* 

three things i can’t live without: Music, ambition, friends (do friends fit the category? But you know what I mean, right?) 

something i plan on learning: I’m into marketing these days and that stuff never stops evolving :) 

a piece of life advice for all my followers: When you actually commit to something and see the results, only then you realize how easy it can be! 

you have to listen to this song: First Aid Kit - My silver Lining 

my blogs: lekinkytwilighters  dizzymisslizzie-theoneandonly

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this was awesome! cheers for tagging me! 


I can hear her strange heart.